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Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Our Mission is “To improve people’s life, through the essence of Ayurveda with revolutionary technique using potent ingredients from across rural India”

We source the most authentic ingredients from across the country and believe in empowering our producers and their family to build a brighter future. We have given careful thought to our ingredients and packaging throughout the entire product cycle to reduce our environmental impact and give back to society. We have evaluated every aspect of our product life cycle to make something that consumers would love to use but also feel good about using.

Each ingredient in our products comes from a responsible sourcing program which ensures that these ingredients meet high standards in health and safety, social, environmental and business integrity. Our approach aims to secure precious natural ingredients without contributing to the loss of biodiversity and while bolstering the livelihoods of the local partners who produce them.

Ethical Sourcing & Farming

Our ingredients are sourced from across India, from the most rural and true origin places of the ingredient. Farmers, traditional artisans and rural co-operatives that are experts in their fields who use environmentally sound farming practices and have organic farms. This has been enabling us to increase the nutritional efficiency of our products. In exchange, we offer good trading practices and independence-building prices. We respect Nature and handpick the ingredients at the right season to derive maximum benefit from our products.

We care about Nature

We at Ayurvridhi do not use of plastic in any of our product packaging. We use recyclable Glass and Metal in our packaging. Our outer packaging has always been in biodegradable cartons. We are using recyclable air-filled pouches or cushions for the products inside the cartons, for orders placed online via our website.

Made in India

Every element in Ayurvridhi, from the ingredients to the packaging, has been 100% sourced from different parts of our country. We believing in supporting our producers and developing our nation. We celebrate the rich knowledge and heritage of India through our products, sourcing rare ingredients from different parts of the country.


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