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Rejuvenate your mind, body & soul with Ayurveda’s most precious ingredients – hand-picked from the fabled lands of India

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A Promise of Wellness, Enveloped in Transparency

Revolutionary transparent oil-filled capsule technology inspired by the Vedic mantra of purity: ‘see what you eat’

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Redefine Wellness with an Amalgam of Remedies

All AyurVridhi nutrition supplements are a treasure trove of healing properties, infusing your body with wellness, rejuvenation & youthfulness

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The AyurVridhi Essentials

Explore our complete range of six restorative Ayurvedic nutraceuticals, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to bestow you with a youthful body, supple skin, purified soul, and an aware mind

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Eternal truth is what meets the eye. Consume only what you see

We believe in bringing to you nothing but the best, wrapped in purity and transparency. Combining age-old traditions and modern techniques, we provide nourishment to your mind, body and soul. We procure the choicest ingredients from lands of India, giving your body the ultimate ayurvedic solution to nourish and be healthier. Our capsules are transparent and one can clearly see the oils and product inside each of them, as we believe in only consuming what meets the eye. So, embark on your journey to wellness with our promise of purity, nutrition and balance.

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Thought of the day

"बलमारोग्यमायुश्च प्राणाश्चाग्नौ प्रतिष्ठिताः|

अन्नपानेन्धनैश्चाग्निर्ज्वलति व्येति चान्यथा  ||३४२||

Strength, health, longevity and vital breath are dependent upon the power of digestion including metabolism. When supplied with fuel in the form of food and drinks, this power of digestion is sustained; it dwindles when deprived of it."

Charaka Sutra Sthana, Chapter 28, Verse 342

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From Our Patrons’ Hearts

Body Cleanser

has purchased Neem & Peppermint Oil Capsules

Have never witnessed something so pure as a health supplement. The product worked wonders for me, feels like it has literally cleaned my digestive system and skin problems.


Stronger Immunity

has purchased Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Black Pepper & Vitamin E Oil Capsules

Really worked well to help me build my immunity. A great pack of the powerful spices in one capsule. So natural and fresh.


Love Love Love It!

has purchased Fenugreek Oil Capsules

Unbelievable, can see everything inside it. Superb Product for us women, works wonder. Loved the packaging and the box.


Feels so Strong

has purchased Black Cumin Oil Capsules

In love with the smell of the capsule, makes me feel so strong and energetic from inside. Truly a magical product.


Stories and Secrets

Discover a treasure trove of ancient knowledge in our latest blogs

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100% Ayurvedic

A homage to the divine principle of ‘nature for nurture’, the essence of every AyurVridhi ingredient, product and packaging is intrinsically organic, non-toxic & plastic-free

Revolutionary Oil-Filled Capsule Technology

Trust what you consume with 100% transparent oil-filled capsules that promote quick release & absorption in the body

Made in India

Our story lies in the heartlands of India as we source only the finest hand-picked ingredients and raw produce in an endeavour to support & empower the dreams of farmers & artisans

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Open your doors to the power of Ayurveda with AyurVridhi’s wellness supplements delivered to your home with zero shipping charge


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